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Our Pledge, School Song, Mission, and Vision

School Pledge

As a responsible Schumacher Shark, I will be:
Safe, Honest, Accountable, Respectful, and Kind.

School Song
Written and composed by Jeremy Schwinger
We're Schumacher Sharks but we don't eat little fish;
You see it's learning that is our favorite dish.
We sink our teeth into knowledge as a rule;
and take a big bite of fun at our school.
Oh, hip hip hooray for the Schumacher Sharks!
We give our school the very best marks.
We're Safe, Honest, Accountable, Respectful and Kind,
and everyday we excercise our bodies, hearts and minds.
So I'd watch out knowledge if I were you,
Snap! The Schumacher Sharks are coming for you!

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

At Lillian Schumacher Elementary, all staff, students, and families will:
Focus on Learning by creating a safe learning environment, establishing high expectations, and differentiating our instruction to meet the needs of all learners. 
Focus on Results as we use data to drive our instruction, guide intervention to improve student learning, and celebrate the success of all.
Focus on Collaboration through reflective practice in an environment of mutual respect and trust to make informed student centered decisions.


 Our Vision

At Lillian Schumacher elementary, we will empower all students to become lifelong learners in an ever changing world.